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Pomeranians are often considered to be little giants, a big dog in a little dogs body. Pomeranians like to be in charge and the center of attention. Pomeranian puppies will grow to no more then 12 inches tall and weigh around 7 pounds. Their coat does require frequent grooming and they can be difficult to train. Pomeranians do extremely well in apartment life and make great companions. Visit to learn more about the Pomeranian.
2 comments | Submitted by Amanda Lindberg on Apr 4, 2012

Winston is an adorable 12 week old Dameranian (half Pomeranian/half mini Dachshund). He loves squeaky toys, mini tennis balls and sleeping wrapped... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Michell on Jan 11, 2012

She was born in my cousin's house on December 2010 and she has a male sibling. I adore her so much. Well I'm thinking about giving her another... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Lisa Patterson on Nov 6, 2011

Mia is a 6 months old Pomeranian....Mia is such a Diva!! She loves to go out with her stylish doggy clothes and laps up all the attention she can... Read More »

14 comments | Submitted by Michele Davis on Jul 21, 2011

We can't take him anywhere, without someone having to hold him or asking: what is it? Some ask: is that a cat? Or is that a bear? Or is that a... Read More »