Lillie & Jenna The Wolf Hybrids

Well they're twins, the one on the right is *Jenna* and the left one is *Lillie*. They're both females that I bought from a website and they turned out to be great pups. They are fully trained and they are WOLF HYBRID dogs, well these are just mixed with Wolf & Husky. Yes, strange to have, but they are actually easy to train, but always keep them away from the refrigerator. Also, they need lots of exercise, but thankfully we have a big yard. Lucky to have these pups

Siberian Husky Puppies



aww soo cute do u know where i can find some pups so i can get one for my mom for he birthady?


i love the little ones. im begging my parents for one


i love that photo it is so cute

keggin hill



cute i love huskies


...these are my dogs. they are boys. on the left, logan, and on the right is his brother Thor. my dad bought them in California. this website is a lie.


I am a dog groomer and i see a lot of dogs, including huskys. Your babies are absolutely breath takingly georgious. I hope you enjoy many wonderful years with them.


Awww can you reply to theses messages please but I seriously love them especially Jenna (:


heyy im looking for a free puppy for my grandma for her birthday but I have no money ?

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