Nila and Yula the Lhasapoos

Nila (one in the bottom left) and Yula (right top) are from the same litter and are best friends. Nila is the most playful dog that I know and is adorable. We were only expecting to get one dog, but when we went to get Nila we met Yula. Yula would not leave our side; we couldn't help but get the little cutie. We got them when they were only 8 weeks old. They are a Lhasa Apso and Poodle mix, or Lhasapoo. Yula loves to play, she runs around in the backyard for potty break and we have to chase her around for a long time in circles, but when I say enough she comes in. Right now they are both 3 years old. I hope you adore these two pups as much as I do

Poodle Puppies

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