Charlie Had a Rough Start

Charlie is a 9 month year old Dachshund cross Jack Russell. Unfortunately Charlie didn't have the best start in life, and he was badly abused by his previous owners. Luckily they put him up for sale, and we bought him as quick as we could! He had a few bald patches on him, but he's all healthy and happy now. And he loves the company of my two other dogs, because he was always left on his own with his old owners. He's settled right in though! And he's a perfect member of the family. :)

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Small Puppies
Small Puppies
Small Puppies



He is sooo cute I'm happy to hear Charlie is a big part of your family :-)


Sweet Puppy!


thank you :)


He is adorable... fortunately now he is a happy dog with a lovely family.


He is so so so cute.really love him


Omg Im so happy u saved this beautiful pooch. I hate people that abuse animals. My dog is a family member as well so I know how u feel. Hes so cute and u guys r awesome for saving him.


It was so nice of you to save him
I do not like people that abuse animals it so
scary.But i am glad you saved him

He is so cute


ilove him


Thank God! Someone with brnais speaks!


Spike went to his new home on 22nd March. He has settled in relaly well and has two new friends to keep him company Pugs Willy and Maggie.

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