9 comments | Submitted by Juby on Apr 13, 2012

Luna was the only black and white female left from a litter of 7. The rest were males and different colors to which I didnt want so I guess she... Read More »

2 comments | Submitted by Alisia Salmon on Apr 11, 2012

Apollo is 9 and half weeks old, he is an extremely energetic puppy! He loves peanut butter on a kong with his veal treats inside! He can be... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Kirsten on Apr 6, 2012

Little Bear is just over 2 months old. She is a mixture of Lhasa, terrier, pug, and poodle but is pure adorable! She is very playful, but when she... Read More »

2 comments | Submitted by Amanda Lindberg on Apr 4, 2012

Winston is an adorable 12 week old Dameranian (half Pomeranian/half mini Dachshund). He loves squeaky toys, mini tennis balls and sleeping wrapped... Read More »