Cute Golden Retriever Puppies - Puppy Pictures - Page 2

6 comments | Submitted by Steve Remedios on May 23, 2011

Cooper is a playful and loving puppy. The vet that helped me with the death of my Boxer told me about a lady who had some Golden Retriever puppies... Read More »

3 comments | Submitted by Emily Hendrickson on Mar 29, 2011

Leroy is about 7 weeks in these pictures. He is a golden retriever and he was in a litter of 11 pups. He was raised on our farm in northern... Read More »

9 comments | Submitted by Sharon on Feb 22, 2011

She is 6 weeks old and a sweetie. Her mom is a Siberian Husky and dad is a Golden Retriever, hence Golden Husky. She is trying to make friends... Read More »

2 comments | Submitted by Sara on Feb 6, 2011

Millie is a crazy, affectionate golden retriever pup. She just found her voice and her own bark startles her! She loves greeting people and has... Read More »