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While Mastiffs are some of the largest dogs out there, they are also some of the cutest as puppies. Mastiff puppies grow to be very large, weighing as much as 200 pounds. Their immense size means that they will require a large amount of space to live happily. Their straight coat requires little grooming, but they are very difficult to train. They are very gentle for their size and are very protective of their family. Mastiffs will quickly become a key member of the family if properly feed and excised. Visit to learn more about Mastiffs.
6 comments | Submitted by Shae on Jul 5, 2011

Hazel is now 5 months, but was about 7 weeks in this picture. She is an English Mastweiler (English Mastiff/Rottweiler mix) and weighs about 60lbs... Read More »

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We found Ramsay at our local animal shelter and his cuteness won us over! He is only 16 weeks so his is going to be a big boy-and he is very smart... Read More »

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She is a 9 month(as of today) old American Alaunt. She is almost 100 lbs. She is a totally spoiled house dog who sleeps in our bed and harasses... Read More »

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Alvin is a mastiff puppy, a sweet, sweet baby!! He was born in December so we played The chipmunk Christmas music all the time for him. He gets... Read More »