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Recognized as a rescue dog, the Saint Bernard is now more often recognized as the dog breed from the movie Beethoven. St. Bernards are very large, often standing between 25 and 30 inches and weighing as much as 250 pounds. Their coat is typically white with red or mahogany areas and only needs occasional grooming. The Saint Bernard can make a great addition to any household provided that they can be provided with adequate food, space, and an owner than can deal with their drool. Visit to learn more about the Saint Bernard.
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This is our puppy Rebel. We adopted him from my sister who couldn't take care of him due to her pregnancy. The first three days were amazing, then... Read More »

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Diva is a smart dog who loves to get dirty and help us in the garden. She also enjoys counter surfing, and playing soccer. She is a little spoiled... Read More »

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Colin and Marshall were born December 4th 2010 they are St.Bernard puppies, and the most lovable and adorable pieces of our family. They are... Read More »