Toby is True Happiness

I believe that everyone in life deserves a second chance. I gave Toby his and he gave me mine. When I moved to Arizona from New York I was feeling so alone. I was struggling to find a job, friends, and comfort. It was fate that brought Toby to me. He was being severely neglected by his owner and I just happened to hear about it through a family friend, who knew the owner of Toby. I knew I had to act fast. I persistently contacted the owner to adopt him and finally after days of waiting for a return phone call I got one! I adopted Toby the next day, which also happened to be the day before Thanksgiving, and my life has never been better! He really gave me something to be thankful for. I got Toby to a vet, got him groomed and cleaned up, and he is now living the life he deserves. As for me, Toby has taught me the meaning of true happiness.

Medium Puppies
Medium Puppies
Medium Puppies





This was Sophie's (Mom's) first litter as well. I think a huge part of what made this suecscsful is we set up the delivery room about a week or two before due date. She stayed in it frequently before the birth. You are at 45 days, I suggest doing the same. However, as any owner would say, we have awesome Poms that seem unique. Sophie was so trusting, as you can see, she allowed us to handle them. Just be easy with her and the pups and it will be amazing. Good luck and PLEASE send pictures!

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