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The Basset Hound was developed in France around the 1800's, where it was breed to have a keen sense of smell. They also ended up having very long ears and short legs, this combination causes the Basset Hound to have problems with ear infections. It also gives the Basset Hound a very unique appearance and makes Basset Hound puppies very cute. Basset Hounds are very stubborn and require training to be started at an early age. Basset Hound puppies make for very good members of the family as long they are trained and their ears are take care of properly. Visit to learn more about Basset Hounds.
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Champ is a 11 week old Bassador, basset hound and black lab mix. He is very calm and loves to get his picture taken! He is all black with a... Read More »

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Bo is just a big teddy bear! He loves to always be around others and snuggle all the time. You can catch him playing with his toys or of course... Read More »

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Loucie is a fun loving rescue dog who loves to play with other dogs or just lay around the house and is the best pup anyone could ask for! She... Read More »

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Here is a cute video of a batch of basset hounds howling. Howling is normally not cute, but these little guys are able to make just about any bad... Read More »