Colby in a Tuxedo

Colby was a rescue puppy and he has been with us since he was a month old. He is the happiest, sweetest puppy around. We call him Lil Man because of his coloring, which makes him look like he is wearing a tuxedo. Colby loves going to the puppy park and playing with his friends, taking long hikes on Mount Tam and taking trips to the beach and playing in the ocean. I cannot think of a better companion and I'm proud to be his Mommy!!

Pit Bull Puppies
Pit Bull Puppies



wow Colby has grown so big and he is so cute it is very nice that you guys love to rescue puppies i would also enjoy to help and rescue puppies or dogs even any kinds of animals so they can be safe and not in the streets i would want to become a rescuer for animals when i am older

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