Mary Jane the Blue Pit Bull Cross

She is super sweet and energetic she is a Blue Pit Bull with American Bull dog mix. She loves to eat and snuggle. She is very curious and loves her bones.

Pit Bull Puppies
Pit Bull Puppies
Pit Bull Puppies



That First Picture Is The Cutest Puppy I Have EVER Seen ! & By Far The Chubbiest Pitty I Have Ever Seen ! Super Cute !<3


Grazi for mankig it nice and EZ.


dogman, i have a 5 month pit and he have a biting prolebm. he's a very nice and tame dong, but when he start to get excited and play, he bites. can you please help me, i would love to come to your free training but i live outside of the US. pls help, i dont want him to given away.

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