Cute Pit Bull Puppies - Puppy Pictures - Page 4

3 comments | Submitted by Rudy on Apr 11, 2011

Found him in an abandon house, when he was about 2 months old. He is very gentle and loves people and other dogs. He is truly a man’s best friend... Read More »

0 comments | Submitted by Patricia Courtney on Apr 4, 2011

Boo Boo is a girl blue Pit Bull. There’s not much to say about her, all she does is sleep, plays for a little bit and then falls asleep like a... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Itzely Pedraza on Apr 2, 2011

He is a baby pit bull. He is barely 2 months old, he’s white with a bunch of black spots, he’s sweet and nice, and he loves to play and bite haha... Read More »

1 comments | Submitted by Josh Poteracke on Feb 18, 2011

Maccimus and his brother Bocefus are the 3rd generation from my original boxer. They are 1/2 Boxer, 1/4 American Bulldog, and 1/4 Blue Nose Pit.... Read More »