On-On the Shih Tzu

On-On is an active, playful and lovely pet. Of course like everyone else’ he loves to be pampered and to get a lot of attention from the master. He stays in his own small little house, and every morning he will come to his master’s room to wake them up by “kissing” their face. On-On is well trained and very obedient. There are a few tricks that he has learned since the first day we brought him home with us.
He is a fast learner and knows a few tricks. Whenever he completes his trick well, he will be rewarded with snacks. Every morning when the master is leaving to work, On-On will see them off at the doorway until they are gone as if he is saying good bye to his master. Whenever his master is back from work, he will be jumping excitedly to welcome them. On-On is one of the most precious gifts the family has

Small Puppies


Sharon Reynolds

Now that just cheers you up the minute you see that picture.I have
two shih tzu grandpuppies that I babysit on occasion, but I want
one to love all by myself.Hubby is against spending so much for one,but I'm still working on him to change his mind.


i am going to cry now becuse that is the cute thing well i have a shichon it relly cute it name fonzi <3


Thanks guys, I just about lost it loonkig for this.

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