4 comments | Submitted by Chris Reed on Aug 13, 2012

Zoey is a 10 week old pitbull puppy. She loves to play outside, play with her puppy toys, go to her favorite dog park and sleep in her puppy bed... Read More »

4 comments | Submitted by Jill Hadley on Aug 1, 2012

My little girl is 7 months old now. She is a brindle pug Redbone hound mix. She is such a strong little girl. She has been through so much in her... Read More »

0 comments | Submitted by Jayden on Jul 30, 2012

This is holly she's has a lot oh energy. She's 8 months old and she's chews on shoes and everything, but she's still a good dog. My grandma hopes... Read More »

5 comments | Submitted by Anthony J. Mireles on Jul 13, 2012

When my dog Petey died, my best friend knew I was bummed. A few weeks later he brought over this small puppy. He said we could have him if we... Read More »